How great design harms us and why art is the answer.

Cat sitting in a sink next to a sign saying Please don’t touch the art

“All you young people are brainwashed by design”, calmly provoked my neighbour. Not quite the reaction I expected after proudly showing off my renovated bathroom.

All I had growing up was a single room for sittin’, cookin’, washin’ and cleanin’, that’s all you need…these interior’ design magazines’ just make people…

The Pursuit of Simplicity Only Serves to Manufacture Our Consent, Not Our Understanding.

Cat looking for the understanding in complexity.

There is nothing humans hate more than not knowing their place in the universe. We are continually looking at the world around us and demanding to understand our value within it. But that value is not easy to discern. Like a hurricane, there is no single root cause in a…

Doing our best creative work sometimes means tricking ourselves into leaving our minds alone. Here are six things to try while walking to achieve this.

Cat balancing on a tightrope

On a bright autumn day, I find myself strolling through the canals of East London. Croissant and coffee in hand, I navigate narrow walkways taking in the kaleidoscopic colours of fall, the aroma of burning Birch, the honks of Geese wading. …

Failure may be the most important part of the human experience. So why not run towards it?

Cat wearing shoes with springs about to slam dunk a basketball while two kids look on disapprovingly. Illustration by author.

Just look at all the successful people around you. Doctors too busy to see their families. Scientists so brilliant they won’t change disciplines. Public figures so popular they can’t change their minds.

One of the problems with success is that it gives us something to lose. As a species not…

We don’t deserve the team we can’t inspire. Camaraderie, purpose, and appreciation need to be our priorities.

Cat along an arm with a hand pointing to a point of victory

With record numbers of employees leaving their jobs, perhaps it’s no surprise that I recently stumbled across a product manager asking, ‘How do people inspire their engineering teams?’ Even if you don’t work in product, I’m sure many of us not planning an imminent exit can relate to this problem.

How Amazonian thinking and communication tools are turning me into a remote work optimist.

Cat holding up documents being distributed to a remote team over a video chat.

We are now working almost twice the number of unpaid hours at the office since the beginning of 2020 reports the UK Office of National Statistics.

Despite having gone through the most digitally mediated year of our existence, it appears even with extended working hours, we prefer this new normal…

Designing an argument to inspire a change of perspective

Cat and chicken sparring in a chat bubble shaped boxing ring

Today I’m excited to announce a new machine that will help you win arguments.

It’s called the Argumentative Theory Machine, or ATM for short. The ATM has three components:

  1. A database of argumentation moves
  2. An expert system for identifying and responding to these moves
  3. An automated feedback mechanism to improve…

Seeing the funny side of team names.

Cat dressed as clown warning that the theatre is on fire.

When the U.S. voted in their first leader, George Washington, nobody could agree on his title. Popular choices included “Your Highness” or “Your Excellency”. Congress didn’t like that. They didn’t want something that gave their leader an inflated sense of ego or ideas of monarchy. …

Our attitude to complexity is what determines our autonomy.

Cat measuring a sand dune with calipers

“What is the difference between something complicated and complex anyway?” is a typical question often posed to me during a challenging planning session.

Unbeknownst to my inquirer, they have just invited me to change their world view. I’m no expert in complexity theory, but I know enough to be dangerous.

Adrian H. Raudaschl

Physician turned product manager sharing curious lessons along the way -

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